Top Scratch Projects For Beginners!

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Ahhh..... Scratch. An easy yet powerful engine to code and have fun playing games made by the community. But, what if you're new and don't know what to do? Well, this guide is for you.

1. Making a simple Flappy Bird style game

It's extremely simple to make your own Flappy Bird game in Scratch. Other then it being one of the easiest games to make, it is very customisable and allows you to make basic sprites in Vector, Bitmap. You can also learn the basic movement commands.

Flappy Bird Game in Scratch
This popular mobile game is remade in Scratch! To try it, click on the picture!

2. A Scratch Animation

A Scratch Animation is not like making a game, but it allows you to make many intricate sprites using Vector mode. Although it takes a lot of time to make a decent Scratch animation, it is all worth it. You can play with different commands that you won't usually use on a Scratch game.

3. A basket catching things that fall out from the sky.

The name's funny, I can give you that, but please do not underestimate this game archetype. It's fun yet easy to make. With basic commands, little sprites and the addiction when playing it, it is certainly one of the best beginners projects in scratch.

(Please note that this list is for the scratch projects that are most suitable for beginners, so I won't be adding things like 'How to make Minecraft' On this list. 😏👾😜)