About us


At Makerthron, we believe in empowering individuals and organizations, to be change makers of tomorrow. Makerthron is a platform created to enable and empower our partners and learners to explore, invent and innovate. We support our partners and learners to contribute to the design and content of the platform. Many contributors to our platform are young and aspiring makers!

We provide a range of products, including 3D printers, and services such as workshop and makerspace, design and prototyping, project consultation and academic tutoring.

From our young aspiring contributors:

"As we embark on the learning and making journey, we begin to realise we can do more for ourselves and others as well, and learning and making is much more fun and meaningful when we do it together."

'It's fun and I learned a lot!"

"We aim to make Makerthron an inclusive and accessible platform. Eventually we hope to enable more people to become makers. Nobody is too young or too old to be one."

"We will continue to improve ourselves and our services to support the maker communities. We hope that you will join us in this exciting journey."