Maker Education

Preparing Makers and Learners for the Future

Maker education is an emerging approach catalysed by the growing maker movement and communities worldwide. It is often characterised by the use of technologies such as 3D printing, micro-controller, computer programming etc. It places emphasis on learning by doing and making, authentic and collaborative learning context, co-learning and co-teaching, interest-driven and maker-centered learning. It builds upon the learning theories laid down by eminent educators such as John Dewey, Jean Piaget and Seymour Papert, in the form of constructivism and constructionism.

In an increasingly uncertain future of the world, in the face of rapid transformation of the society and industry in part due to the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence, and in the face of exacerbating environmental challenges, cultivating and preparing learners to be makers and active agents of change for the future is becoming more relevant and essential today. Maker education, through fostering maker mindset, inquisitive disposition and technological competency; and cultivation of creative confidence, self-agency and empathy, offers the potential to prepare future-ready learners and makers.

Our maker education programme is informed by research findings and draws upon experiences based on years of implementation in schools and the communities.


在日益变化和充满挑战性的未来,面对社会和工业的快速转型,之间部分缘由于机器人和人工智能的兴起,以及面对环境挑战的加剧,培养学习者成为创造者和未来改革推动者在当今社会以变得越来越重要和不可或缺。创客教育通过提高创客思维,探索和技术能力, 以及培养自信心, 积极心和同理心, 为准备面对未来的创学者提供了一个有效的学习模式。


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